Robert Amsterdam Gives Up Lobbying for Thaksin

Update: Noppadon: Amsterdam was never hired as a lobbyist for Thaksin and he remains Thaksin’s lawyer
Also: Robert Amsterdam Continues to Work for the Red Shirts and Thaksin Shinawatra
…the documents in question only refer to lobbying activities before officials of the United States government. Such activities constitute a minuscule portion of the work the firm has done on behalf of Dr. Thaksin in the past two and a half years, as the firm has concentrated on forms of advocacy and legal representation that do not qualify as lobbying under US law…

Update: Tida: “Robert Amsterdam remains a lawyer for the UDD”
…”Robert Amsterdam remains a lawyer for the UDD,” Ms Tida said. “He intends to take part in the UDD rally to mark the sixth anniversary of the Sept 19, 2006 military coup…”

Update: Manager’s skeptical take on Amsterdam’s statement

All the past Robert Amsterdam stories are here

Firm Quits U.S. Lobbying for Former Thai Prime Minister –, July 31, 2012
…The firm, which has offices in Washington and London, has focused most of its attention abroad on helping Thaksin and Thailand’s “red shirt” protest movement, which supports the former prime minister. Amsterdam & Partners, which used to be known as Amsterdam & Peroff, in 2011 filed a petition to the International Criminal Court in The Hague urging prosecutors to investigate crimes against humanity allegedly committed during the 2010 Thai government crackdown against the red shirts.
“We do these filings out of an abundance of caution,” Amsterdam said, adding that Thaksin remains a client of the firm…

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2 Responses to Robert Amsterdam Gives Up Lobbying for Thaksin

  1. Wiz says:

    Another political ploy to make the feign quarrel to fool the public … After all, Mr. Amsterdam gotten money from Ai Maew via UDD leaders to work as an international lawyer for UDD men

  2. apirak ngsriwongse says:

    I personally believe there’s no way ICC will take any particular interest in this case as this is an internal affair of Thailand and if ICC will ever have the opportunity to view all the video clips and conferences during that particular period with the UDD leaders and Thaksin himself leading their followers to burn down government buildings and Bangkok to ground if being cornered and I totally agree with Wiz that Robert Amsterdam is just one of the “pawns” used by Thaksin just to show the UDD that Thaksin is still interested in the UDD’s affairs but to be honest Thaksin is known for long time before becoming a tycoon of paying whatever he can afford to buy anyone who is of importance to him and once if that person is no more of use to him then he will just desert them(as he is known around whilst he was struggling to do his own business 25 years back in Chiangmai as known by business circles in this town).
    Robert Amsterdam will continue to pretend and suck as much funds from Thaksin to deploy the game for one or two more years and it will end up in the end nothing will ever happen.

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