Roasted Pork Democrat Party


From Manager, January 7, 2016
On the sign: Roasted Pork Democrat Party – Delicious… – Certified food safety
On tubs: Roasted pork
Caption: This party is doing another business, after being freed from their usual work.

[While not in power and technically not allowed to have public meetings, the Democrat Party has fallen to intense infighting.
The current Bangkok Governor, Democrat Party member Sukhumbhand Paribatra (nickname “Moo” or “Pig” in English), has reportedly never been on speaking terms with party leader Aphisit (picture behind the food stand).
Democrat Party members have been lashing out at Sukhumbhand for his poor performance, particularly concerning Bangkok flooding that has increased in recent years, as well as for corruption scandals.
Sukhumbhand has rejected any criticism and is believed to be in the process of forming his own political party.
So in the cartoon, party members are bashing the Bangkok Governor (know for his nickname “Pig”).]

More: Betrayal Pig

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