Rising anger in Thailand’s boom-to-bust northeast

Rising anger in Thailand’s boom-to-bust northeast – Reuters, October 1, 2015
…The removal of generous agricultural subsidies has left rice farmers in northeast Thailand struggling with mounting debts, and they will get little relief when they sell their crop in coming months with rice prices near an 8-year low.
Petty crime is on the rise and retailers are struggling. The vast Platinum 168 shopping mall on the outskirts of the provincial capital of Udon Thani was built during the boom, but it is now less than a third occupied and no longer charging tenants rent.
“People are complaining about the rising costs of living, of having no money for spending,” said Teerasak Teecayuphan, the mayor of the neighboring provincial capital of Khon Kaen. “Their patience will gradually run out. Sooner or later this pot will boil over…”

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2 Responses to Rising anger in Thailand’s boom-to-bust northeast

  1. David Bland says:

    What an ill informed and ignorant bunch of cliches.
    More, like so many if these fly in, fly out international journalists (assuming he went to Isaan) he paints a patronizing and totally incorrect picture of Isaan people. As the story was co-authored by a Thai, I can only assume he took the Thais word as the “truth”, without any significant research.
    Unfortunately, all he has done, is perpetuate the myth of Isaan people being a poor down trodden mass, who were on the cusp of being saved by the “saintly” Thanksin and his “lovely sister”, when the “big bad” army came and jack-booted them into submission!
    Isaan people are not that stupid.
    There is so much more to their stories than this.

  2. Wiz says:

    David Bland, I totally agree with you. Reuters correspondents and Thai partners of Reuters have failed to pay attention to those in urban area of Isan region including those in Khon Kaen city, Udonthani city, Khorat city and Ubon Ratchathani city / Warin city who happen to become the ones who take side with PDRC instead of those UDD supporters they have deliberately picked to run the news as mentioned above. They deliberately perpetuate the myth of Isaan people being a poor down trodden mass to gain more advertising doles though in addition to their own PREJUDICE.

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