Right under their nose

From Arun, March 26, 2018
Title: Why aren’t they afraid?
On the bird’s wing: Corruption
Inside a cannon: Corruption and HIV patients, Corruption and the temple, Corruption and the poor, Corruption and the student’s fund [all scandals that have recently been exposed]
On the cannon’s base: Power of the NCPO [the junta]
On the box: Arun’s cartoon [white] Arun Watcharasawad

[The junta, led by the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), pledged to fight corruption, but, over the last six months their credibility has been badly damaged by a series of huge corruption scandals–most exposed by everyday people.
This cartoon seems to imply that the corruption scandals have been nurtured and allowed on the military’s watch and thus the nation’s military leaders are responsible for allowing them to exist.]

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