Rich Kids Duang and Vorayuth

From Manager, September 5, 2012
Duang Yubamrung says: I have ‘Ai Pued’ to help me out.
Caption: Both these kids’ fathers share the same name ‘Lerm’… Both caused deaths of police officers of Police Sgt. Major ranking… But what make these two kids different?”

[Man at left is Vorayuth Yoovidhaya, grandson of the creator of Red Bull energy drinks, who fatally struck a police sergeant-major with his car.

At right is Duang Yubamrung, son of Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung (more on Duang here, here, and here).
Duang was once accused of shooting a police sergeant-major in the head. The officer died at the scene and Duang fled the country. He later returned and was cleared of every charge and appointed to high government positions when his father was a minister in government.

The cartoon refers to Duang’s blaming of an unknown and mysterious person, “Ai Pued,” for committing the murder of the police officer. The joke is that Duang got to blame a mysterious scapegoat while Vorauth seems to have been caught red-handed despite his wealth and connections.

It could also allude to how Duang’s father Chalerm used his influence to rehabilitate his son by getting him appointed him to various positions. Chalerm was able to gain this influence by being a lightning rod in the Pheu Thai-led government. He could be counted on to make politically divisive statements on behalf of Thaksin when other politicians in the government preferred to keep a lower profile.]

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