Rice audit finds 90% substandard, State loss from scheme could rise to B700bn

Rice audit finds 90% substandard, State loss from scheme could rise to B700bn – Bangkok Post, October 29, 2014
…On Tuesday, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha revealed the outcome of a nationwide rice audit led by ML Panadda Diskul, permanent secretary for the Prime Minister’s Office, that reported only 10% of the 18 million tonnes of rice was of good quality.
“The report shows 70% of the rice is tainted with a yellow colour, while the rest is in bad condition and not edible and should only be allocated for ethanol production,” said Gen Prayut.
The inspection also found about 100,000 tonnes of rice missing…

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  1. Wiz says:

    Here is Thai version:
    Big Too asking Anti Corruption to allow the government to sell some rice in the rice warehouses without waiting the end of investigation as the inspected 18 million of rice have found that only 10 % are marketable while 70% are inferior quality – yellowish rice have been kept for too long while 4-5% of rice are rotten and the rest (about 100000 ton) gone missing and the government need to pay 2.6 billion Baht a month for the storage of rice in the warehouses

    ็Here is the list of rice to be sold by bidding for the 3rd round of 2014:
    Production year: Harvest year 2011/2012 and the second harvest period of 2012 and Harvest year 2012/2013 and Harvest year 2013/2014
    5% rice (standard commodity rice): 76,000 metric tons – at 11-12.30 Baht per kg
    A1 broken rice: 131,000 metric tons – at 7-8 Baht per kg
    Total: 207000 metric tons
    the number of bidders: 37 bidders –
    Winner: 18 winners
    the actual rice to be sold: 203000 metric tons at 1.930 billion Baht
    the rice left unsold: 4000 ton from 3 warehouses – since the winner prices are too low – need new bidders


    Growing criticism toward Big too on the issue of rice pledge

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