Revoking 112
การเพิกถอน 112

From Manager, January 6, 2012
Sign in front of feet: Dong Teen National Park [Dong Teen means “foot jungle.”]
Signs held by protesters: Revoke Section 112 – Prevent the king from speaking to his people, Revoke Section 112
[The foot is considered rude or unclean, thus the protesters are to be met by rude and unpleasant feet in their journey to change the law.]
The caption reads: This group is fated to encounter many difficulties along the way.
[“Prevent the king from speaking to his people” refers to the suspicion held by some that the goal of lese majeste reform is to eventually create a monarchy that is barred from making political comments–particularly those criticizing elected politicians. When Thaksin was PM, he was the object of pointed comments from the King during a yearly address.]

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