Reverse tactics!

From Manager, April 5, 2021
On the Red Shirt’s shirts: We love Phra Borom [This is a literal translation of the phrase that uses “Phra Borom” as a shortened name to refer to King Rama X.]
Woman: Hey… Today you join our mob? [We think the translation of this should be more like a sarcastic question. The student with the 112 shirt, ignorant of the political machinations that underlie protests, does not know that the goal of reforming or removing the monarchy has been reversed and a new tact is being taken to unseat the government.]
Caption: Ha… ha… ha…

[The cartoon refers to the current attempt to re-form anti-government groups around Red Shirt Jatuporn. This effort would drop the attacks on the monarchy and instead focus solely on removing Prayuth as PM. Indeed, recent student protests also tried to re-center their goals on removing the prime minister, emphasizing that he is the source of all problems.

In the cartoon, the person with the 112 shirt is supposed to be a Thai, not a foreigner. The cartoonist shows him to be one of the rich city kids with lighter skin–a different affluent class that has been portrayed as making up the bulk of student protesters.

The other protesters are shown as stereotypical of the Red Shirts–wearing flip flops (as opposed to the student protester’s hip, expensive sneakers) and each with their bottled water and free meals served in styrofoam boxes by the protest organizers.

The veering from the single-minded goal of unseating the government and switching to the monarchy instead is thought to have been a lucky break for the government and limited wider support for the students. Thus, it is unsurprising that, as student protests stall, those who wish to unseat the government are attempting to recompose the protests under a new banner.

However, the reveal of Jatuporn as the new leader of the movement was met with nearly universal ridicule–especially by those who see the issue of reform or removal of the monarchy as the most important issue. There was one exception: Don’t worry, student protesters! Thaksin sends Jautporn and Red Shirts to the rescue!]

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