Revealing the gun robbery plan!

From Komchadluek, January 21, 2011
The headlines reads: Revealing the gun robbery plan! – 11mm-M16 loss of 50 – Prayuth orders immediate suppression – The check on the statue of the Phra Ong Dam [military] base after militants in the South attacked and caused damage – Finding 50 pistols-M16s disappear and 5,000 bullets – [C-in-C] Prayuth announces the use of the special law in opposing the militants] – Mournful funeral for three warriors – Read page 16
The caption by the graphic reads: Five groups attacking the military base
1. The 30 killer team attacking the western direction (mountain range)
2. Watching the gateway/blocking electricity
3. Staging the road blockade
4. Cutting trees to block the authorities
5. Grabbing the war weapons
The words on the map are names of roads and places: Rubber plantations, ammunition store, housing building, the knockdown village, base, checkpoint, the Maruebotok School, Ruesoh, Narathiwat, Rangae district, Maruebo rail station
The use of war weapon is consisted of 11mm pistols, M16, A2 and A4 of more than 50 guns and 5,000 rounds of ammunition.
Bottom left: The warrior blood captain Colonel Krit Khampeerayarn, 7 years to conquer the unrest in the South! Page 3
Bottom right: 1 troop. 5 teams to attack in all directions page3 – A master copy of the year 2004 – killing soldiers – robbing guns

[This event mirrors the events of January 2004 when a similar raid for weapons marked the rebirth of the separatist activities in the Thai Deep South.]

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