Restoring the NSC chief

From Manager, March 11, 2014
Left: Thawin Pliensri: In 45 days, I’ll be back to work with you again.
Caretaker P.M. Yingluck Shinawatra: Huh!… No way!
Right: Yingluck: In less than 45 days, I’ll be gone… Ha… Ha…

[Thawin was the ex-secretary of the National Security Council who was suddenly transferred to a much lower profile post by the order of PM Yingluck. This was to allow the police chief take the National Security Council post. All of this was for the ultimate aim of making way for Pol. Gen. Priewphan Damapong, brother of Thaksin’s ex-wife, to step in as the Chief of the Royal Thai Police. This followed the pattern of Thaksin placing family relatives in key positions. Thawin fought his demotion in court for more than two years and the courts finally ruled that the government must restore him to his position within 45 days.
The joke here is that the Yingluck is under investigation relating to corruption in the rice pledging scheme and might be out of power before she has to restore Thawin to his former position.]

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