Respect the Buddha and report those who don’t


This billboard on the road to town from the international airport reads: (at right) Stop disrespectful acts toward the Buddha by using email to protect Buddhism.
Register at our website
[This website is a platform to petition campaigns to stop the disrespectful acts toward the Buddha. People around the world can report the disrespectful acts to the websites. The website will create a campaign to stop the said improper acts.]

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3 Responses to Respect the Buddha and report those who don’t

  1. NS says:

    The website is a ‘name and shame’ tool – a method of exposure which exhibits little of the compassion that the Buddha allegedly taught. Buddhists will realise that any image of the Buddha, unless consecrated (ปลุกเสก) is just that – an image.

  2. Wiz says:

    5000 dot org is the mouthpiece of propaganda for Dhammakaya though.
    This sign is to go against those who Buddhist laypersons and nettizens who disagree with recent Dhammakaya parades within BKK.

  3. Wiz says:

    This billboard is the way Dhammakaya in disguise as 5000 dot org to the way to ask for the law to protect themselves from public criticism on the series of bad behavior. Worse, Dhammakaya keeps bribing those Supreme Sangha to function as human shield from public criticism so they can so anything as they please despite of the clearly gross violation of the teachings of Lord Buddha. They even ask for State Religion which His Majesty disapproved so they run the Dhammakaya parade on Marigold petals to insult His Majesty as Marigold is a favorite flower of His Majesty.

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