Reporting on the high-level arrests of untouchable police officers

In the day-after followups to the arrests of untouchable, high-ranking police officers, The Nation avoids the lese majeste angle entirely.
The Bangkok Post adds specific details, which are unusual to see in English, about how the lese majeste charges came about.
The Post details come from more specific information, as well as insinuations to indicate who was involved, from Chuwit Kamolvisit in the Thai-language media.
The arrests are a further demonstration by the junta that they have complete control of the nation and will maintain that control into the future.

The Nation: Top police linked to unrest, oil smuggling
…Two crime-fighting agencies have been assigned to investigate a series of high-profile arrests – including Central Investigation Bureau Commissioner Lt-General Pongpat Chayaphan – over a longstanding contraband petrol trade that may have been used to back insurgents in the deep South…

Bangkok Post: MPB charges Pongpat, 11 more – Ring accused of graft, gambling, lese majeste
…Pol Lt Gen Pongpat and Pol Maj Gen Kowit were also charged with operating gambling dens in Huai Khwang at which they allegedly said they would hand the money over to the “monarchy”.
Pol Maj Gen Boonsueb is also accused of citing the “monarchy” when taking bribes from oil smuggling gangs amounting to 1-2 million baht per month.
He allegedly delivered 35 million baht to Pol Maj Gen Kowit and 118 million baht to Pol Lt Gen Pongpant between Dec 28, 2011, and July 18 this year… Chuwit exposes the gambling case, makes daring claims

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  1. Wiz says:

    Confession of Pol Maj Gen Bunsueb: He DID take bribe from oil smugglers whose business has financed Southern Insurgency while he did take a bribe from Mafia who run Colonze massage parlor and gambling den with the claim for the protection of gambling den by Royal family

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