Report reveals details of CIA’s secret torture site in Thailand

Report reveals censored passages about CIA’s secret torture sites –, October 15, 2015
…The CIA began its rendition and torture program by using the black site nicknamed “Green” in Thailand where officials agreed to host the site and provide security for it, but then “problems with the hosts soon emerged.”
“Reshuffles of Thai government personnel meant that the CIA Station Chief had to engage in ‘continued lobbying’ to keep the prison open. Less than a month after the site was set up, the agency estimated that the numbers of Thai officials who knew about it was already in double figures. It did not take long for media organizations to pick up on the fact that the CIA’s most important catch was being held in Thailand,” according to the report.
The Thailand site was where the CIA interrogators pioneered their torture techniques by repeatedly waterboarding Abu Zubaydah, depriving him of sleep, forcing him into stress positions and holding him in boxes. He once spent 11 days in a coffin-shaped box, and another box was less than three square feet, in which he spent 29 hours…

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