Repeated accidents in a mysterious land

From Thairath, November 13, 2020
Title: No sympathy for “younger brothers” [in Thai organizations like the military or police, low-ranking officers are thought of as “younger brothers” of their superiors, perhaps to foster some sense of caring or protection for them]
Above the dead bodies of new soldiers: There were three conscripts who died in military camps within one week.
Nattacha: This is a fate of the younger brother in the military.
On a paper held by Move Forward Party MP Nattach: Reform the military
Military man: Being a military [man] can become so many more things than you expect.
Phi Nooring: Repeated accidents
Mouse: Mysterious land [meaning that deaths are usually written off as accidental and it is a “mystery” why this nation has such deaths]

[Refers to the recent hashtag calling for the end of military conscription. This trended in Thailand after the deaths of conscripts.
This is part of the push on all fronts to pressure the government by reminding people of the continuing injustices that are endemic to the nation.
This cartoon mimics the military’s recruiting slogan “Being a military [man] can become so many more things than you expect.”]

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