Reopen Akeyuth’s case


From a post on social media: Reinvestigate the past case which can impact Thaksin’s regime!
There is a new evidence! It is a hard disk stored with data from the CCTV cameras installed in Akeyuth’s house. It has the clear picture of the persons who killed him.
“Mr. Ball said that he kept the hard disk of the CCTV cameras installed in Akeyuth’s house. On the hard disk it will show the image of persons who killed him and how many of them. He also kept a white gold necklace, an amulet and Rolex platinum white gold watch.”

[This refers to the murder of Akeyuth (sometimes Ekkayuth) Anchanbutr, one of Thaksin’s most persistent critics. Police quickly wrapped up the case claiming he was killed by his chauffeur, Santiparb Pengduang, whose nickname is “Ball.” Akeyuth’s website of political gossip also vanished as well. Many questioned the real motive of the murder.
After the military seized power, many cases have been reopened and calls have been made to reopen Akeyuth’s as Santiparb has claimed that he has the new evidence to disclose.]

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