Remembering the Thaksin Years: Stop Terrorism Against the Constitution

October 16, 2002
Cartoon title: Stop…! Terrorism
On constitution: Constitution of the people
On stacks of dynamites from top: Cut down power of NACC [National Anti-corruption Commission]; cut down power of the Election Commission; revoking regulation that MPs must belong to political parties at least 90 days before an election
On dynamite igniting device: Constitution amendment

[The man is political kingmaker Sanoh Thianthong who opposed Constitution of BE 2540 (1997). However, after Sanoh’s political faction merged with Thaksin’s Thai Rak Thai, he became one of the biggest defender of the 1997 charter.
Thaksin was able to prosper under the 1997 constitution by benefiting from sections that prevented MP factions from leaving his coalition while simultaneously disregarding the numerous checks and balances that were intended to police the activities of a government.]

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