Remembering the Thaksin Years: Hugging farmers

From Thairath, August 27, 2002
Title: Guerrilla strategy
Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra is hugging farmers and poor people.
On his shirt: Workshop to solve the problems and [the problems of the] poor
On the two men in the background: Academics; NGO

[“Guerrilla strategy” refers to the strategy of the Thai Communist Party to defeat the government by controlling the whole rural mass. The cartoonist shows the strategy of Thaksin, who begins to control the rural mass, by showing his devotion to him. Academics and NGO were derided by Thaksin for their criticism of Thaksin’s methods and his attempts to squash all opposition.]

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2 Responses to Remembering the Thaksin Years: Hugging farmers

  1. Wiz says:

    Ai Maew’s money now turned some factions of CPT men including comrade Poon and UDD leaders to run the secession along with the mobilization of old CPT men

    Truths about ai Maew by Ajarn Somkiat Onvimon

    Reform Thailand now

    Communist threat? PDRC show no fear

    My children, you are now living forever in Thai people hears as the condemnation to those so-called Democratic activists who advocate violence to kill anybody who just do not share the same violent ideologies with them

    Putting the lock on the Minister of Public Health room

    Madness of Lt Jiab who seeks public limelight by becoming a spy in PDRC pathumwan

    Police of Surat Thani revoltign against Ai Maew regime

    Spotting watermelons walking around the abandoned builidings around Chula Soi 2-4 to shoot M79 grenades to PDRC Pathumwan

    I love you my president – keep flighting – a mockery for Yinglux durign OTOP meeting in Saraburi

    Phet Karuinaporn – UDD start who wants to turn Thailand into republican regime

    Unmasking EE Som parichart, an anti monarchy activist

    Surrender? not a chance

  2. Wiz says:

    After looking at secession plan of UDD men: most Thai nettizens who are not UDD nettizens gone outraged – they have their own reprisal
    1 the new regime want a new capital for New Thai state (if not Lanna state) is in Chiang mai as Ai Maew want to be like Hun Sen and let her sister become
    the first president who is nothing by Ai maew’s puppet – just following North Korea Model with disguise of “Democratic Socialist” – the system will follow the North Korean system with a mix of Brunei and Saudi Arabia – for President, PM, cabinet – all under the same family and their cronies
    Election is just a sham election – from the national level to the village level need the approval from PT men – no opposite party allowed – no check and balance – just like LPDR
    2. Sooner or later, Chart Thai Phattha of Midget banhan, Suwat of Khorat, along with all the political elites in the provincial levels along with the fool royal blood like Ai Pluem and E Tao na will be butchered in mass to prevent any political rivals to form out –
    just like what happened when Kim Il Sung, his son and his grandson have consolidated power – just slapping charges to justify the legal killing.
    3. people will be brainwashed and suppressed in brutal way – no more freedom – any news must be approved by Ai Maew and PT-UDD men – any knowledgible men will be exterminated like vermin as their mentors (Khmer Rouge) have done before teaching CPT men in Cambodian bases so they are soft enough to be ruled.
    4. all trading and economic must be monopolized by the clan and their crony networks to suck all public resources to the central to prevent any dissents.
    5. National security of New Thai state is all about the Shinnawatra family – People of the North and Isan in the new Thai state will be starved and suffering – even children have no food to eat – the adults have to survived by eating the barks and roots – no education and they have no right to go out of their villages without permission – going outside the border is strictly forbidden, Those who manage to escape will have ended up as refugees.

    No wonder, AI maew has to speed up the process – even it means to deliberately shoot the children. Case to point is the shooting at ban Saen Tung, Khao Saming District of Trat – started with the meeting at the hotel of Sondhiaya Kunpluem in Bang San, with Provincial Police region, Ai Katcha,
    Warrant officer Daen, the Kunpluem, the Heng and UDD men are planning to assassinate all PDRC leaders in eastern regions including PDRC Isan who have made a speech in ban Saen Tung, Khao Saming District of Trat – while youinger brother of Don Poh and village headman Cha bringing Khmer mercenary and police region 2 to do this dirty job – throwing grenades to kill children and women before shootings which kill children and injured lots of people. The killing of Children is a dirty trick to keep us depressed just like the same thing they have done that causes the endless Southern insurgency. Same thing can be said to M79 attack on children and women at Rajdamri, a dirty trick to keep us depressed just like the same thing they have done that causes the endless Southern insurgency.

    During the shooting at Lumphini from 1 AM to 5 AM – getting 20 M79 grenades – and army sppotting the pink tax on Thai-Japan flyover in Samyan, Saladaeng 2, Chaloem Phao intersection, Rajdamri, – 4 Thugs in black got popcorn – but their fellows dragged bodies back to prevent from being identified – 2 PDRC guards injured
    Bomb throwing at National stadium = area cleared in 7.03 PM

    The night of 25 Feb at 7.10 PM – 200 tmotorcycle taxi of Ai Koh tee – using buses to block Phayathai
    Lt Jiab being arrested by PDRC guards after coming to spy around PDRC – claiming that she wants to go to Nitiphol Click in Siam Square – Lt Jiab yelling
    Isuzu with Carry Boy with license plate at Kor Nor 4095 going around – hunt this down

    National flag is forbidden – using the red flag of police instead

    the difference between UDD vs PDRC

    Now, abbot of Wat Sri Bun Rueng in Chiang Mai asking his disciples to paint the wall around the temple in red to please Yinglxu and Ai Maew – stoill stare the sun to help Ai Maew as usual antics.

    Shootings at Siam Square and rajprasong – 1 Dead
    Also , there are shootings Wat Mongkut kasat near ESCAP – Pratoo Nam, Thai PBS buiding –
    there is a troop near makro – Platinum mall near Pratoo Nam intersection
    500 mortorcycles coming from Rangsit – so many professional terrorists – be in the building since the field without cover is dangerous – Kasemsan area near national stadium quiet

    Astrologers said: 5 Saturdays + 5 Sundays + 5 Monday in march 2014 is very dangerous month – will not reach the end until April 2014 –
    Astrologer Kengkaj Jongjaiphra said mars + Saturun + Northern Moon Node making a triangle on Libra in march 2014 – very dangerous month – big loss – will not reach the end until April 2014 – but not any time soon to reach the normal level.
    Astrologer Bahnuwat said February 2014 is the month of fire tiger (violent month) while march is Month of fire rabbit started from 6 March 2014 – will not the end unti 4 April 2014 – tragic month – when innocents were killed after the month of fire tiger (Feb 2014) PDRC gone angry – ready to give the real reprisal against UDD men – and the day when Dragon and tiger (2 dangerous zodiac animals) turning against each other – If Yinglux refuses to do the right thing, she is going to pay heavy price by the reprisal after the deaths of innocents.

    The justice will come in April 2014 – turths are coming out – good men will be promoted while the evils will have their crimes exposed and the reform started.

    Astrologer Pinyo also said March 2014 definitely bad month full of violence – high tension – any good thing happens after 16 March 2014 when Jupiter making a forward movement after being retreated – the clear changes happend after 17 June 2014

    However, more Possible dangerous in May 2014,August 2014 and November 2014 due to 5 Saturdays in that month – not to mention about the Northern moon node due to the selfishness, so many confusion – need to clam down – mindfulness never be careless.

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