Remembering the Thaksin Years: Cold-hearted parents

January 16, 2003
Caption: How many now?… Cold-hearted parents

[This references the common Thai news story of disgruntled parents–sometimes on drugs or alcohol–holding children or infants hostage and sometimes harming them. These are most often televised standoffs with police that are widely covered by the press.
These were featured prominently in the press during the Thaksin years as public concern was high and the Thai Rak Thai Party pledged to tackle these social ills.]

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2 Responses to Remembering the Thaksin Years: Cold-hearted parents

  1. JQPublic says:

    Sorry to see that your slide into anti-Thaksin propaganda seems to be accelerating. The cartoon caption suggesting that the “Thaksin Years” involved the death of infants is about as low as you can go. Are you under new management or are you bent on outdoing the Bangkok Post and Nation in anti-government propaganda. I almost expeet you to come right out one of these days and call for another coup.

  2. 55! says:

    You might want to dig your head out of the sand a tad and realise that is about the least of Thailand’s problems. If 2bangkok (rather than just the usual Khun Wiz rant ) were ever to call for a coup, no one in the local political system would ever know – as they are far too continuously busy cooking the books to listen to the banter of mere bystanders. Pundits and political analysts run precisely nothing in this commonsense-forsaken country.

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