Release our vaccines!

From Arun, April 22, 2021
Inside white box on the top: “CP rich man” asks the PM to allow the private sector to import the COVID vaccine.
Left: “Release our friends”
Right: “Release vaccines freely”
Caption: Big guy comes..

[Refers to CP owner Dhanin Chearavanont asking the government to allow the private sector to import COVID-19 vaccines. This is due to the incredibly slow rollout of vaccination and the appearance that the government was attempting to monopolize the procurement process.

The “big guy” here refers to Dhanin. Such a person and his vast resources overshadows even the government and thus such people are usually careful about making public statements that might impact the economy. Their statements can shake markets and cause policy changes in a way the comparatively simple military men who control the government never could.

The cartoonist compares the locked up student leaders with the vaccine procurement and questions why the government has so long controlled the procurement.

The government confusingly replied that any business can order vaccines as long as they filled out the paperwork. It is likely that the current third and most severe wave of infections will force the government to relent and allow widespread procurement by hospitals.]

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