Refuse to uproot the tree… then have to sweep the leaves!


From Manager, January 6, 2016
Caption: Refuse to uproot the tree… then have to sweep the leaves!
PM Prayuth: Clean this up! …it creates an eyesore.

[This refers to the Pheu Thai Party’s Thaksin-Yingluck calendar. The distribution of the calendar is an open sign that Thaksin still controls the party and can promote himself despite a coup and a military government designed to thwart his power.
This cartoon is also criticism of PM Prayuth who is ridiculed for not being tough enough on the Shinawatras. He gets to be painted internationally as a ruthless anti-democratic dictator, but seems to be moving slowly on eradicating the Shinawatras from politics.
Opponents of Thaksin wish the junta would have acted decisively by unilaterally seizing all Shinawatra assets and sending family members into exile (much like the military did with Chatichai Choonhavan in 1991). This would have allowed the other political factions of the Pheu Thai to regroup and be led by politicians outside of Thaksin’s direct control.]

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