Reforms that Thailand can’t put off

Reforms that Thailand can’t put off – NST, March 26, 2011
[Thanks to Marc for pointing this out.]
…These are delicate issues, given Thailand’s raw and rabid polarisation between those with vested interests in the old order and those intent on putting an end to what they claim are neo-feudalistic privileges and entitlements. Unless good-faith efforts at compromise are shown by all sides, Thailand will not retake its rightful place among the world’s up-and-coming democracies.

Survey suggests Thai political divide exaggerated – DPA, March 28, 2011
…The poll of 1,500 Thai citizens by the Asia Foundation found that 76 per cent of the population professed no affiliation with the “red shirts” or “yellow shirts,” which have sought to dominate Thai politics for the past five years…

2010 National Survey of the Thai Electorate: Exploring National Consensus and Color Polarization

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