Don’t “reform” the police

From Thairath, May 23, 2017
Title: Making the two tigers get into the same cave.
Tiger on left: DSI
Behind left tiger: Ministry of Justice
Tiger on right: Police
Mouse: The origin of justice
Mouse man: Trouble squared [meaning that a “reform” of the police will cause lots of trouble]

[This is based on a saying that “two tigers cannot be put in the same cave.” The cartoonist is lobbying against the proposed reform of the Royal Thai Police.
The Royal Thai Police have long been derided for apparently acting on Thaksin’s behalf and for still being largely loyal to him and his political block. This led to hopes among Thaksin detractors that the force would be reformed.
Reform plans were put forth after the coup, but the junta later mysteriously dropped efforts to restructure the police.
This pro-Thaksin and pro-Red Shirt cartoonist takes a different view. This view is that reforming the police by putting them under the Justice Ministry (instead of the Interior Ministry or directly to the Prime Minister’s Office as Thaksin dealt with them) would lead to further injustice being meted out to Thaksin and his Red Shirt supporters.
This all goes back to to the 1997 charter and its strong independent organizations and concept of non-politicized government organizations. These ended up hampering Thaksin’s rule as prime minster at every turn.
Today it remains an article of faith for the Red Shirts that independent organizations and government bodies outside of politics should not be able to regulate the activities of an elected government.]

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