Redshirts Channel Host Rejects ‘Censorship’ Allegation

Redshirts Channel Host Rejects ‘Censorship’ Allegation – Khaosod, November 4, 2013
Many supporters of the Redshirts have been stunned by the announcement that four core leaders of the movements had been suspended from a cable TV channel long known for its alliance to the Redshirts…
Although the channel, called Asia Update, has made no statement explaining its abrupt decision, many believe it is due to the opposition of the four figures against the ′amnesty for all′ plan supported by Pheu Thai Party and the government…

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One Response to Redshirts Channel Host Rejects ‘Censorship’ Allegation

  1. Wiz says:

    Not surprising at all, as all of them showing the signs of going against the blanket amnesty. Therefore, the punishment from Ai Maew (the real owner of Asian Update Channel) ensues.

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