Reds Fighting for the Chair

From Manager, July 16, 2011
Thida Tawornset [acting UDD chairwoman, center, holding onto the chair] says: I want to warn the EC [Election Commission] not to make us tired from chasing you.
The chair is labeled: UDD chairperson
The man says: Yes, just chasing only this woman has made us so tired.

[This refers to the threats Thida made against the Election Commission to approve Red Shirts elected as MPs. In the cartoon, the other Red Shirts make the joke that the dissatisfaction is really with Thida, not the EC.
Thida is seen to represent the will of Thaksin and the Pheu Thai who would like to see the Reds dissipate now that they are no longer needed in the quest to bring Thaksin back to power.
Other Red Shirt activists would like to see the movement become an independent political pressure group–both to push their issues and make sure their leaders are not left to languish under long sentences for terrorism.]

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