Reds and Yellows attack Suthep

From Thai Rath, Cartoon by Sia, December 3, 2010
The cartoon headline reads: The Nangkwak [symbol] of the [Democrat] party
The word on building at the right reads: The Democrat Party
The words on the shirts of the mean read: "PAD" and "UDD"
[The Earth Goddess statue in downtown Bangkok is the symbol of the Democrat Party. This is the goddess who lets down her hair to wash away the demons trying to tempt the Buddha. Here the statue has the head of Deputy PM Suthep Tuagsuban who recently attacked the PAD for their protest activities.]

From Manager, December 1, 2010
Deputy PM Suthep is biting the toes of the PAD's Sondhi. He is saying: Take this! Take this!
The words near the feet: Hwah! Hwah! [the sound of slapping or hitting]
The caption reads: Bringing one's mouth to meet someone's foot [this is a mocking restatement of the Thai saying "kwang thao ha sien" or "to make trouble for oneself" and refers to Suthep's attack on the PAD.]

From Thairath, Cartoon by Sia, November 30, 2010
The cartoon headline reads: Favors require the asking of something in return.
Deputy PM Suthep stands at the podium.
Left: The PAD has asked for the return of their favor for making Abhisit Prime Minister, but the Democrat Party is the one who should ask the return of favors from the PAD.
Middle: What favor does the PAD owe the Democrat Party, sir?
Right: Ah... who is the one who brought food and beverage as well as MPs to cheer up the PAD and help it grow fast?
The mouse holds a sign that reads: Reconciliation requires the release of UDD political prisoners
[The PAD have reacted angrily to Suthep's criticism of them saying the Democrat owes the PAD a debt of gratitude for bringing them to power. This cartoon refers to the belief promoted by the Red Shirts that the ousting of Thaksin was part of a scheme by the Democrats to gain power.]
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