Red Shirts Red Card the Communists for Supporting the Court

From Thairath, July 5, 2012
The cartoon title reads: The newest column, the latest one to support
The word on the man’s shirt reads: The new Thai communists
The word next to the mouse man: Red cards
The word close man holding the pole: The red star [the symbol of communism]
The word on the card reads: Slanted [meaning that the old communists are unjustified in defending the court or possibly ]
The word on the joss house: Constitution Court comedian [the joss house in Thai has a name similar to “court” is used to symbolize the constitutional court]
The word on the sign that the mouse holds reads: Breaking the law itself

[The cartoon refers to the “old communists” who showed their support for the Constitutional Court to rule on government actions and criticized the Red Shirts for threateneing to overruna nd replace the court.
This all runs counter to Red Shirt dogma that no force should be able to check government actions.
The red card reference is to Red Shirt leader Sombat Boongamanong who went to the court on the day of the verdict to give symbolic red cards to the judges.]

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