Red Shirts have another request of the Democrats

From Naewna, May 26, 2021
In B.E. 2552 I hit the car and called for resignation. This year B.E. I still follow this request to breakup the government’s coalition [and cause the government to fall]
On the car and license plate: Democrat
Caption: He put his effort in to ask for it…. why don’t you give it?

[Refers to the Red shirt leader Jatuporn who recently formed the new anti-government movement named “Thai Mai Thon” (Impatient Thais) to overthrow PM Prayuth. This was supposed to replace the waning student protests. Recently, he and his group called on the Democrat Party to leave the coalition government.
The cartoonist recalls the events of 2009 when Jatuporn and the Red Shirts launched a surprise attack on a car that they thought the then-prime minister was in, apparently in an attempt to kill him. Not finding him, the Red Shirts took hostages, later showing them off to the press in handcuffs. Meanwhile Thaksin called on the protests to continue until the government fell. (More: 2009: Red Shirts overrun ASEAN venue, take govt hostages in Bangkok) The cartoon seems to mock Jatuporn as a reasonable new protest leader, based on past events and his connection with Thaksin. Jatuporn’s new initiatives to create a purely political anti-government coalition, forswearing any mention of the monarchy, was mocked across the political spectrum, except for a few exceptions (Don’t worry, student protesters! Thaksin sends Jatuporn & Red Shirts to the rescue!).]

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