Red Shirts at Khlong Bang Sue


November 10, 2011 – Like the army, Red Shirts also used the flooding to promote themselves. Here, a Red Shirt truck drives through the edge of the flooded area at Khlong Bang Sue on Ratchadapeisek Road.
Big sign: Ad-hoc unit for coordinating and assisting the people. People’s Radio FM 107.85 Mhz . Contact 085-464-1919. Organized by Ko Tee, Pathum Thani red-shirt leader (Wuttipong Kojthammakoon) and president of the Dove Council (DJ Sornrak Malaithong)


The smaller signs on the door of the truck:
Left: Red Pathum Thani by Ko Tee, leader
Right: Red Pathum Thani by Ko Tee, Red Pathum, leader

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