Red Shirt Leaders Jailed for Protest at Privy Council President’s Residence in 2007

Above: From Daily News, February 12, 2012
Prime Minister attempts a detente with Privy Councilor Prem as the Pheu Thai-led government pushes forward and amnesty for Thaksin.

Court Jails Redshirt Leaders for 2007 Protest – Khaosod, September 16, 2015
…On 22 July, 2007, UDD demonstrators gathered at the residence of Gen. Prem Tinsulanonda, a former Prime Minister and chairman of His Majesty the King’s Privy Council, whom the UDD accused of plotting a coup d’etat the previous year which removed an elected government.
Police moved to disperse the protest after UDD leaders announced that would rally in front of Prem’s residence indefinitely, sparking clashes between protesters and riot police…

This protest was a surprise breaching of police barricades by marching Thaksin supporters (who then wore yellow instead of red). They assembled before Prem’s residence to confront the Privy Council President with demands for his resignation. These were the same demands later made during the Red Shirt siege of Bangkok in 2009.

This was the first mass action of what were later known as the “Red Shirts.” It underlined the enduring political narrative as claimed by Thaksin–that Thai political turmoil is a battle between himself and the Privy Council.

More from 2007: UDD Surprise Raid on Privy Council President’s House

Red Shirt publications have long focused on Prem as their enemy. From 2009: Prem, Prem, Prem

From 2009: The First Siege of Bangkok: Thaksin Tells Protesters Not to Leave Bangkok Empty-Handed
…Decrees from the Red Shirt protest stage in Bangkok set a deadline for Prem to resign from the Privy Council while members of the Taxi Community Radio Club threatened that they would use 20,000 taxis to block all intersections in Bangkok if the government did not step down…

Even this year, as criticism was stinging the junta over the slow return to democratic rule, Thaksin could not resist once again emphasizing it was all really a battle between himself and Prem: Thaksin says Privy Council ordered Suthep to protest & the military to stage a coup

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