Red Shirt Leaders Silenced by Money

From Manager, March 9, 2012
The caption reads: Red Shirt leaders really don’t agree with Thaksin, but they can’t say so.
Red Shirt leader Thida and another person (probably Weng Tojirakarn): Uah uah… Ar ar… Uah uah… Ar ar… Uah
On the newspaper: Thaksin speaks of constitutional amendment to sections related to the monarchy and defense laws and says they won’t be changed.
[This cartoon references the compromises Thaksin is making to obtain amnesty, such as telling the Red Shirts to “forgive and forget” those who killed Red Shirt protesters and making promises not to use constitutional reforms to constrain the powers of the military and monarchy.
The cartoonist implies that Red Shirt rank and file do have revolutionary goals of taming royal and military power, but their leaders follow Thaksin’s lead because of the funding they receive from him.]

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