Red Shirt Comments on the Stalling of MP Endorsements

Natthawut promises not to organise red-shirt rally to pressure EC – The Nation, July 14, 2011
…”Red-shirt leaders have consulted about this and we agreed that we will not do such a thing,” Natthawut said…

Earlier: Red shirts warn EC of backlash – The Nation, July 14, 2011
…Thida Thawornseth, chairwoman of the movement, said the red shirts were “worried and dissatisfied” over the EC’s decision.
She called on the red shirts to “keep your batteries full and get ready for action in any situation”…

[“Dissatisfied” means experiencing loss of face or being pushed to far in some way. It mean that destructive action may be justified. In the context of the Thai world, a person who acts out their dissatisfaction in violent ways can still consider themselves to be nonviolent as they are “forced” into action by injustice.]

Earlier: Natthawut warns EC of ‘big trouble’ if it fails to endorse MPs-elect – The Nation, July 14, 2011
…”I can guarantee there will be a big trouble”.
He said the “invisible hands” would become visible and would criticized by the International Community…

[This is the final feared threat against the establishment–that open criticism and opposition to highest institutions can be launched if necessary. The timing of the release of the most damaging Wikileaks documents in the week before the election was meant to create the impression in the international community that Thailand needs reform, if not revolution.]

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