Red Shirt activist urges Thaksin supporters to kidnap and kill daughters of army commander

Army slams red-shirt activist’s abduction threat – ThaiPBS, January 13, 2014
The Thai Army strongly denounced a threat by a red-shirt activist and supporter of the deposed prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra urging red-shirt people to abduct the twin daughters of Thai Army commander-in-chief alive or dead to prevent him from staging a coup…
The red-shirt activist said on Facebook “taking them alive as hostages will be good, but catching them dead is also worth it. The army chief will know the taste of losing his loved ones.” His message was widely shared on the Internet among supporters and opponents of Thaksin.

A man who suggested the kidnap of General Prayuth’s daughters apologises – ThaiPBS, January 16, 2014
…Mr Sudchai Boonchai, a core member of the Puen Taksin (Thaksin’s Friends), posted the threatening message in the social media on January 10. The message reads: “Help kidnap the twin daughters to be held as hostages. They are protected by two guards who carry their Baretta (automatic pistols) on their waists. By the time, an eye for an eye. It will be just fine if they are held hostage. If they are dead, it is worth too. Prayuth (General Prayuth) should learn the lesson for losing the loved ones.”
…Six days afterward on January 16, Sudchai posted another message in the social media which reads: “Today I came with my wife and children to apologise and ask for foregiveness from General Prayuth because I felt uncomfortable for the infringement. I would like to thank General Prayuth for not taking action (against me). Honestly, the message came from somebody else and I shared it in the social media…”

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