Red Power: Prem Named as Coup Leader & Unity Under Communism

Red Power, April, 2012
Jakrapob has come! — Dr. Thanate Charoenmuang — The sins of authorities who used Gen. Sonthi — Pa Thaksin has come too.

Vietnam and Siam … constitutional transition stage
When the war ended, the dawn of political unity in Vietnam shown under the leadership of the Communist Party.

Democratic politics on the road to mass revolution

Bloody-throne emperor — Concept of reform: The winds of change 

Dear All, I have been invited to write for Red Power for some time. Even though I am a regular reader of this fighting magazine — under its present name and others — I never got around to it. This is not because I am too proud or think myself better than other people. It’s because I’ve been watching the political changes thoroughly. In the past few years and the coming years, Thailand’s politics have been transformed at the grass-roots level thanks to what has happened in relations between homeowners and its residents. [Probably meaning something like the rural peasants and the aristocrats who “own” the country]


The Boxer Rebellion against colonialism

The real coup leader is disclosed [meaning Privy Councilor Prem] – Dying before dying is his exit.

Army [One of the several Photoshopped photos in this issue.]

A logical system based on reliable linkages between political phenomenons indicates Gen. Sondhi was not the real coup leader and without a doubt who the real coup leader is. What is left is the confession of those involved in the event, but ultimately, and without being prepared for the question, Gen. Sondhi answers Maj-General Sanan.

“Scent of Motherland: A Poem” by Wisa Kantap
In sum, Wisa wrote that Thaksin, a man with dignity who has been defamed but never given up, is now so close to Thailand (his motherland and dear country). He’s so close, just cross the Thai-Lao border, and he will be here. The desire to return hurts him, but his wish will become real very soon.

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