Red Power, October, 2012: Introducing Yingluck!

From Red Power, October, 2012
The cover reads: Suchat Na Bangsai, charged under 112 rule for speaking on a megaphone. After 6 years of the coup d’etat, the court system just dissolves. [The emblem on left corner at bottom is the sign of the constitution court. “Dissolves” means something like the court is malfunctioning.]
At top: Why do we have to be “jailed” just because of different opinions? – 13 bail attempts, still no freedom

From Red Power, October, 2012
Headline: Only an inch to the shore, and she just stops right there.
[After previous emphasis on lauding Thaksin as a great leader, Red Power this month suddenly introduces its readers to Yingluck. The article refers to the effort to amend the constitution which has been put on hold over bureaucratic delaying tactics such as consideration by a governmental committee chaired by Phokin Pollakul. The author of the article thinks that it is likely that the factors halting amendment will fade away eventually and gives examples of people power prevailing in the past.]

From Red Power, October, 2012
Abhisit Vejjachiva: Damn! Stop scolding at me. I can’t just hang up …
Man sitting on the left: Son of a bitch. Just pretending for your good image…
Woman sitting in the middle: Greenhorn traitor, you. Dumb ass.

From Red Power, October, 2012
Headline: The Regent and a coup d’etat trend

From Red Power, October, 2012
Headline: A King on a Bloody Throne
Section 9: Queer life when a child became a king
[These are more very direct anti-monarchy references by the Red Shirts. These are cards that Thaksin is playing against the Thai establishment again and are used as a threat if barriers to his amnesty are not removed.]

From Red Power, October, 2012
The cover reads: Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra participated in the royal wedding ceremony of Princess Hafizah Sururul Bolkiah, daughter of Sultan of Brunei

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