Red Power, November 2012

From Red Power, November, 2012
The cover reads: 1947, Ammat ruled [meaning “the aristocracy ruled”]
Photos from left:
Kromakhun [title of the 4th rank] Chainat Narendhorn
[The 52nd child of King Rama V, Kromakhun Chainat Narendhorn was an official in charge of the country’s education during King Rama VI era. Between 1938 and 1943 under Chief Marshal Plaek Pibulsongkram government, he was accused of participating in a revolt led by Phya (title of the second rank) Songsuradej. Stripped of his rank, he was sentenced to be jailed at Bang Kwang reprimand, then at Tarutao island. In 1944, he was re-instated with his rank of nobility under Khuang Abhaiwong government.]
Prince Thani Niwat
[During the King Rama VII era, Prince Thani Niwat was appointed Religion and Education Minister from 1926-1932. In 1963 he was appointed Regent while the King Rama IX travelled to Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines.]
Seni Pramoj
[Elder brother of M.R. Kukrit Pramoj, M.R. Seni Pramoj was a co-founder of the Free Thai movement and the Democrat Party. He served the country as prime minister four times.]
Kukrit Pramoj
[Younger brother of M.R. Seni Pramoj, founder of the Social Action Party and former Prime Minister, M.R. is not only a prominent politician, but also an author and philosopher. On October 23, 2009, UNESCO honored him as the world’s important person in four areas: education, culture, social sciences and communication.]

Other headlines, bottom left: The mass to topple the government, started!!
What do we have the constitution court for?
At top right: Just because of different thought, why must they be jailed? 13 bail attempts, still no freedom [this refers to lese majeste cases]

From Red Power, November, 2012
Democracy in the United States: 2012 presidential election
[The article is about presidential election procedure in the United States.]

From Red Power, November, 2012
Title reads: Monument of revolt suppression
[The article is about the Laksi monument on Paholyothin, Jaeng Wattana and Ram Indhra roads. Formerly named the monument of revolt suppression, the monument was built in memory of the government’s victory over the Bowaradej revolt on October 11, 1933.]

From Red Power, November, 2012
Headline: King on a bloody throne
The second regent and the Xinhai revolution [Xinhai revolution, also known as the 1911 revolution, toppled the Qing dynasty, the last dynasty of China, and established the Republic of China.]

From Red Power, November, 2012
Headline: A mini-history on slave liberation and Siamese Prai [Siamese commoners]
[A short history on the slave liberation by King Rama V and how Chinese immigrants replaced slaves as laborers.]

From Red Power, November, 2012
Title: Commoners’ politics
Headline: Who killed King Rama VIII? Who must be responsible?

From Red Power, November, 2012
Headline: Male prostitutes: male sex traders
[The article explains: In the old time, only women are known to be prostitutes for several reasons. Nowadays, more men are in the business mostly with one reason — money.]

From Red Power, November, 2012
On the flag: M.P. Dr. Sunai Jullapongsathorn
Headline: Norodom Sihanouk passed away and the strength of Hunsen government
[The article is about history of Cambodian politics.]

From Red Power, November, 2012
The text on the back cover reads: Our deep consolation on the passing away of King Norodom Sihanouk, the beloved king of Cambodian brothers, a model of a king under constitution.

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3 Responses to Red Power, November 2012

  1. Wiz says:

    1947, Ammat ruled [meaning “the aristocracy ruled”] => This is referring to the political intrigues done Democrat and those Royalists right after the Assassination of King Ananda mahidol which brought the downfall of Ajarn Pridi … and the Rear Admiral Thawan (Ajarn Pridi’s closed friends since both came from Ayutthaya) had to deal with high inflation after the war which has to be halted by demonetizing 20 Baht and 50 Baht Banknotes before Series 8 imported from USA along with the great starvation since rice had been smuggling out of the country … not to mention about the rampage of dacoits who are those demobilized Army and navy men due to the IJA weapons left in Thailand after Peace Treaty has been signed in 1 Jan 1946 – to the point that police had to burn down villages which was a dacoit base such as Ban Kor Phai around Pak Tho District of Rajburi.

    All those is due the personal conflicts between Kuang Abhaiwongse vs. Ajarn Pridi … just like very different shape of plates – impossible to fit together as Kuang Abhaiwongse has become Royalists while keep attacking Ajarn Pridi who pay more attention to those Serithai from Isan created by Ajarn Pridi than other members of People Party … and those Naval faction of the old People Party also did not like those Serithai from Isan.

    Tthe Khukrit Brothers also the addition elements of conflicts … Mom Rajawaongse Seni still had a hostility toward Ajarn Pridi since he has been forced to become Thai envoy in Thai Legation in Washington DC without his consent. Mom Rajawongse Khukrit has strong hatred toward People Party that cause many princes and even King Prajadhipok to live in exile abroad for the rest of their lives. Ajarn Pridi pointing out that Mom Rajawongse Khukrit is very tricky man that can rival both Kuang Abhaiwongse and even Field Marshall Plaek Phibunsongkram.

    However, Ajarn Pridi has underestimated the power of Army men which Field Marshall Plaek Phibunsongkram have created as his own network of Power – after getting rid of Colonel Phraya Songsuradej to spend the rest of his lives in Phnom Penh while sending much of Colonel Phray Songsuiradej’s disciples to die by firing squad.

    Furthermore, The misery of those Army men who had to walk bare feet from Kengtung to board the trains while IJA men have been repatriated by Thai trains have outraged many Army men – not to mention about being unemployed after demobilization which forced them to become dacoits… No wonder, they vended their anger toward Civilian Government … which caused into the Siamese Coup of 8 Nov 1947 – just 3 days before another round of cabinet reshuffle to ease the public pressure on Rear Admiral Thawan government — Ajarn Pridi and PM Thawan refused to listen to the warning from those whose kins have jointed the coup since they thought that the General with a Fierce pair of eyes can control Army men … but they have forgotten that the General with a Fierce pair of eyes know the minds of Army men more than the government, so he took a neutral ground during the coup.

    After the coup of 8 Nov 1947, Kuang had become PM to gain the legitimacy to prevent Ajarn Pridi and Thawan to set up the government in exile. However, Kuang had to step down in April 1948 to make the way for Field Marshall Plaek who was also a friend of Papa Phin Chunhawan (Coup leader – father of the late PM Chatchai Chunhawan) …

    After that, it has been followed by the purge of Army elements who took side with Ajanr Pridi (such as Maj Gen Nate Kemayothin) on 1 October 1948 and the suppression of Ajarn Pridi at the Grand Palace on 26 Feb 1949 which was the final blow to all the rest of Ajarn Pridi power bases in Thammasart U., Seri Thai and even Navy men – Navy top brasses had been hunted down and interrogated … 4 Isan Ministers killed under police custody km 13 of Phahonyothin (Ratchayothin intersection today) on 4 march 1949, the strangulation of The Commander of Phuphan and the other 4 men in the safehouse in Samrong district of Pak Nam before destroying the bodies of 5 men at the forest around Kaeng Sian, Kanchanaburi in 1952, the series of assassination to destroy all other political opponents …. BTW, Field marshall Plaek actually never want to suppress Ajarn Pridi and wish to help Ajarn Pridi clarify his name after being tarnished and become a pariah by the Assassination of King Anandamahidol but the circumstance of seizing the Grand Palace on 26 Feb 1949 had forced the Leader to suppressed his old friend and purge his friend’s subordinates.

    However, Those left wing intellectuals along with the old Serithai from Isan keep brainwashing their disciples whose father have not been through this turbulent period as “Royalists’ fabrication” … despite of the contemporary records … This due to the fact that they can get cozy with Ajarn Pridi and Rear Admiral Thawan than those Democrat as they have approved Communist Party of Thailand as legal party around early 1946 which outraged many Royalists. .

  2. Wiz says:

    For Prince Chainat Narendhorn (AKA Prince Rangsit Prayoorasak) – those left wing intellectuals have lambasted him because he has approved the coup of Siamese Coup of 1947 while Prince Thani Niwat who has become a head of privy council has drafted the education which strengthen the Royalist ideologies when he was Minister of Religion and Education Minister for King Prajadhipok which is an anathema to Democracy ideology of Ajarn Pridi as well as all other left wing ideologies. No wonder, both princes have become a target for the headline article.

  3. Wiz says:

    Another reason why the writer and editor of Red Power magazine HATE Prince Thani Niwat [Head of Privy] and the Khukrit Brothers is due to the fact that they helped to engineer the downfall of Field Marshall Plaek by the coup of 17 September 1957 – the real end of People Party PM to carry out the 1932 Revolutionary ideology

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