Red Power, May, 2013

From Red Power, May, 2013 [Some explanation of the purpose of this unusually contentious issue (filled with anti-monarchy rhetoric and threats) is here: May 2013: Thaksin strengths and weaknesses]
Political change signal the regime change: Chakraphob Phenkhae
The abdication to save the monarchical institution
-Mirror reflecting the Thai elites; from the crises in May 1992 and 2010
-The Parliament and the change of the era from King Rama VII to King VIII and From King Rama VIII to King Rama IX
-The Spanish monarchy “losing faith”, the people demand for the institution revocation
-Remembering King Taksin the Great
-The secret journal at the end of King Rama VI era

A mirror reflecting the Thai elites from the crises in May 1992 and 2010

King Sihanouk protected the monarchical institution by abdicating from the throne

The Parliament and the monarchical changes: from King Rama VII to King Rama VIII and from King Rama VIII to King Rama IX

Political change is a sign for regime change?
A special interview with Chakraphob Penkhae

The Spanish monarchy “losing faith”, people demand for “revocation” of the constitutional monarchy to the republic regime

Cartoon title: Political fight is class battle
From top, the 1st tier: the elites; merchants;
2nd tier: government+CNS+CDC+NIA+AEC+Senators+MPs+preachers
[-CNS stands for the Council of National Security. The council was formed after a group of military officers led by Gen. Sondhi Boonyaratkarin successfully staged a coup d’etat on September 19, 2006.
-CDC stands for Constitution Drafting Council; NIA for National Innovation Agency; and AEC for the Asset Examination Committee]
3rd tier: Prisons, courts, military, police, press
4th tier: Intelligentsia, merchants+civil servants, service business employees
Bottom:Laborers, people who produce food to feed everybody else
Bottom left: Easily aging, slow death, homeless
Upfront bottom: Productivity is snatched under capitalism of the monopolized influential vassal

Remembering King Taksin the Great

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