Red Power, May 2011

The cover reads: Arrest of Somyos’s – Media sacrifice to article 112 – Victim of the wicked 112 is not enough [referring to the lese majeste law]
– I have the idea to commit suicide in jail – the message from jail by Somyod Prueksakasemsuk
– Bin Laden and the kangaroo court
– Seizing Sanam Luang [refers to the repeated refurbishings of Sanam Luang at various times to make the park off limits to protesters]

The headline reads (something like): USA and its play-acting, which is hypocritical and disingenuous
The quote reads: Mr. Obama always proclaims a desire for a world with peace and happiness, green trees, a livable environment, but his stated desire absolutely contradicts the reality. 

The back cover reads: The lese majeste case battleground in the academic fence [insides universities] – The declaration of Dr. Somsak Chiemteerasakul: “the dark age of the law implementation,” page 13-16

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