Red Power, March, 2013

From Red Power, March, 2013
Cover reads: Minister Chatchat overhauls Thailand’s transportation; Baht 2.2 trillion; surrounding/eliminating dinosaurs?
[Chatchat Sithiphan is Minister of the Transports and Communication Ministry. This promotes the massive investment the government plans to make in transport.]

  • The Monarchy and justice
  • The European Union crashes the 112 Act [The Thai 112 Act is the lese majeste law.]
  • The terrorist of the royalist
  • Secret journals at the end of the era (4)

[Like many Red Power magazines, this issue focuses on critiques of royalty and royal systems. It also touts government plans to improve transportation for those living into provinces traveleing to Bangkok.]

From Red Power, March, 2013
The secret journals at the end of the era (4)
Episode: A concept of establishing a cabinet council, from the composition of King Rama VI (continued from the last issue)

From Red Power, March, 2013
King Rama VII abdicated and the negotiation to increase the failed royal power

From Red Power, March, 2013
From top: Visiting political prisoners and laying flowers on the Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2013 at the Bangkok Remand Prison and the Laksi Temporary Prison;
Activity on the 2nd anniversary of Surachai Sae Daan’s imprisonment
[On display here are some of the allusions to communism–like the comrade-style caps–that are part of some Red Shirt groups.]

From Red Power, March, 2013
The king on the bloody throne: The king who betrayed [referring to the last emperor of China]

From Red Power, March, 2013
2.2 trillion! Chatchat weaving a dream pushing Thailand to become the center of ASEAN transportation
In box at bottom right: Exclusive interview, Mr. Chatchat Sithiphan, Minister of the Transport and Communication Ministry

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