Red Power, July 27, 2012

From Red Power, July 27, 2012
The cover reads: The Communist Party of Thailand’s mob – The blood signal for the new October 6th

[This refers to the surprise when a group of old Communists came out on July 13 to oppose the Red Shirts and support the court in its ruling on the government constitutional rewrite.
This was a shock and insult to many of the Red Shirts as their movement lays claim to the mantle of revolution and includes some far-left and communist personalities (this is thought be another bargaining chip to show that the Red Shirt movement could verge into radical territory if their demands are not met).
The magazine raises the prospect that the old communists opposing the Red Shirts is the beginning of a ruse will result in the Red Shirts being wiped out by reactionary forces recalling the events of October 6, 1976.]

From Red Power, July 27, 2012
The world is shaken by the fate that unfairly destined
The land becomes cracked after the drought
Lacking of the leader who really cares,
Hearts of Thai grassroots people are broken.
Thaksin is the skillful leader
This is known nationwide
On his birthday, if he stays here, it will be lively celebrated
Everyone will be blissful.
On the occasion of Thaksin’s birthday, 26 July 2012

From Red Power, July 27, 2012
The main headline reads: Political Situation
The words at the top: Join in to reckon and create from the readers; Daeng Kim Chung [alias of the writer]

[The writer comments about the political situation saying it is hard for reconciliation due to the unsolved conflicts that occur between political groups–again reference the Privy Council and Thaksin. In the Thai context, it is understood that all should be pardoned and animosity forgotten for all to move forward without loss of face.]

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  1. Albert Park says:

    I’m not sure why a group of old CPT people opposing red shirts is a surprise. Much of the last CPT politburo has supported PAD in the past.

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