Red Power, February 2013

From Red Power, February 2013
Headline: Judy marks a circle [around] Poo, promote No. 9
[Judy is nickname of Pol. Gen. Pongsapas Pongcharoen adopted while he studied in the U.S. No.9 is his number as a candidate for the Bangkok governor election for which he runs under the Pheu Thai Party of ‘Poo’, or Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra.]
Other headline (above Yingluck): Crucify “Somyos” for 11 years
[Reference is to the Criminal Court’s verdict on January 23, 2013 to send Somyos Phueksakasemsuk to 11 years in jail in a case of lese majeste under the 112 section of the criminal laws. Somyos is former editor of the Voice of Taksin magazine. The case is based on a feature he, as the then editor, allowed to be published in the magazine.]
Other headline (at bottom): Referendum: a changing point of democracy with a last name

From Red Power, February 2013
Headline: A king on a bloody throne: episode 11, continued from the 30th issue
Life in the royal palace of Emperor Pu Yi [more in a series of generally anti-royalty articles that are common in pro-Thaksin publications]

From Red Power, February 2013
Headline: Freedom, Social Contract and political prisoners

From Red Power, February 2013
Headline: Secret records at the end of the reign (3): the beginning of the current era written by King Rama VI (continued from the last issue)

From Red Power, February 2013
Layman politics: Closed factories, protest against the 300 baht minimum wage
[Sign on the right is  a campaign from the last general election of the Pheu Thai Party. The sign reads: Increase salary of the graduate to 15,000 baht, increase minimum wage to 300 baht per day.]

From Red Power, February 2013
Above left: …Even though I’ve to put up with the torturing conditions in jail, I am prepared to maintain my standpoint in demanding freedom. There is no other way out even if I may die.
Above right: Justice is fading away, or even becomes blinded. Sentenced to be in jail for 11 years, it is like a life sentence.
Bottom left: Somyos before the verdict
Bottom right: Reactions of the mass after the verdict
[Somyos Prueksakasemsuk was sentenced to be jailed for 11 years for an act of lese majeste while he was editor of the Voice of Taksin magazine.]

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