Red Power, February, 2012
พลังแดง กุมภาพันธ์ 2555

From Red Power, February, 2012
Big text: Niti Khana Ratsadon – Worajate Banomyong [The names are combined from Nitirat and Khana Ratsadon and from Worajate Pakeerat and Pridi Phanomyong. This is to compare those who wish to amend the lese majeste laws with great democratic Thai figures from the past such as Pridi.]
Small text: Nalinee, minister on a “suppressed” list — A Democrat MP involved with drugs. [this is a way to push back against criticism of a government cabinet minister involved in business dealings with Mugabe]

From Red Power, February, 2012
Make the military belong to the people [this refers to proposals to allow the government full control over military promotions]

From Red Power, February, 2012
The headline reads: Blood-throne Emperor – Chapter 5 – Syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease, killed Tongzhi Emperor
Left picture: The Tongzhi Emperor
Right picture: Empress Xiaozheyi
[more in a series of articles criticizing monarchies]

From Red Power, February, 2012
In the box (the name of the column): People-version politics
The headline reads: A chapter of shade or dominance? [They seem to be asking if the new North Korean leader will be benevolent–one that provides shade for those who need it–or if it will be an authoritarian one like his father’s. This is another article intended to draw parallels to events in Thailand.]

From Red Power, February, 2012
The film The Matrix and Thai politics (Strawberryland)
[refers to accusations that unseen forces are actually controlling events in politics]

From Red Power, February, 2012
The caption reads: Activities commemorating the dispersal of protesters at the Ratchaprasong intersection
On the sign: You’re good only at talking. You’re jealous when the government gives relief for the 91 deaths because you were so cruel to kill people for your benefit.
At right is Thaksin lobbyist Robert Amsterdam

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