Red Power, August, 2011

From Red Power, August 2011
Headline: Sombat Boonngamanong, a genuine red who did not ask for a ministerial post. [This contrasts with Red Shirt leaders like Nattawut and Jatuporn who seemed eager to compromise on any issue in return for posts in the Pheu Thai-led government] If Yingluck keeps concentrating only on reconciliation, then she’ll certainly die. [This possibly means she won’t be successful in running the country or controlling her cabinet if she tries to pander to demands for reconciliation.]
Other headlines: Yingluck’s government with 300 supporting MPs is not stable – Autocracy in Thailand – The aristocratic cabinet is feeling queasy, commoners are praising their power.

From Red Power, August 2011
The autocratic style of governance in Thailand and neighboring countries
Text: On August 3, in Room HB7801 of Chiang Mai University’s Faculty of Humanities, a seminar entitled “Third Seminar on Viewing  Thai Politics through Outsiders’ Eyes” was hosted by Midnight University and the History Department of Chiang Mai University. The guest speaker was Prof. Craig J. Reynolds.

From Red Power, August 2011
Europe and America, rich, but disguised as poor

From Red Power, August 2011
Headline: The last king to be close to Thailand
Picture: Emperor Puyi

From Red Power, August 2011
Pol. General Preowpan Damapong, an unfair victim of Democrat politics. The next issue will examine the disorder of the Royal Thai Police under Abhisit’s government.

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