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* For those of you would like to know about how present events are just one in a series of mini-civil conflicts that happen in Thailand every 10-15 years, get a copy of Democracy, Shaken and Stirred. This book is most notable to non-Thais for expressing the very Thai sensibility towards protest and politics.

* Also Chronicle of Thailand which is a pictorial history of Thai news since 1946.

* David Murray's Angels and Devils is a very detailed account of the machinations of party politics that surrounded the coup and subsequent events of 1991-1992 gleaned from newspapers. It is kind of a pre-internet version of It appears to be out of print, but occasionally a copy can be found on ebay.

Pklykoom writes: Thought it might be worth noting that Murray's book is still available from Orchid Press and have always shown up at the publisher's booth during past book fairs.
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