Rape in the past and present

This is from a graphic circulated in social media.
Title: TV series and news in the country of Bangkok
Top, from left: TV series in the past; TV series in the recent past: TV series at present
Bottom left: News in the past. Headline: Accursed karma, punched the stomach and raped a girl
Bottom middle: News in the recent past. Headline: Chased and immediately apprehended a lustful taxi driver who raped a young female passenger
Bottom right: News at present. Headline: Notify the U.S. to extradite Kham, a banished monk who raped girls
[This reflects the idea that portrayals of rape in television dramas influences people to commit rapes. Rapes have been commonly shown in Thai culture as a romantic and titillating event in soap operas and as a normal thing to happen between an amorous man and female seen as playing hard to get. Such thinking was common just a few decades ago in many Western countries.
The point of the graphic is that, over time, the contents of TV series and news headlines have never changed. There is just talk about doing something, but nothing really changes.]

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