Random accusations

From Manager, February 26, 2020
Left, Pannika Chor Wanich says: Get sick of being a shepherd for so long.
Right: Let’s try to grab a goat to bump against the lamp, it would be fun.

[The left panel references Aesop’s fable “The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf” as it contends that Pannika is a person who lies.
The right panel refers to the Thai idiom, “grabbing a goat to bump against the lamp” meaning “neither here nor there.”
All of this is to ridicule Future Forward Party member Pannika Chor Wanich’s recent action during the no-confidence motion. She accused figures from PM Prayuth’s government of being involved in Malaysia’s 1MDP scandal. It was seen as a peculiar and random accusation, especially in light of the odd collapse of the entire no-confidence effort which saw the supposedly opposition Phea Thai block Future Forward from even mentioning two of the government figures they had promised to grill.]

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