Rally bomb

From Naewna, May 8, 2018
PM Prayuth: Don’t do that… I’ve just absorbed a number of members of parliament. Don’t make it be useless.
On the dynamite: Rally calling for elections
Above the bomb: Expanding the rally against the NCPO [the junta] and overthrowing the junta
Caption: The real person who wants to have an election

[The puppeteer’s hand at top right refers to fugitive Thaksin. The cartoonist alleges he is manipulating gullible young activists (represented as a baby) to sow discord and possibly unseat the junta before elections with a major protest on May 22.
If the junta loses the power before the election, it will not be good for PM Prayuth who has been working hard making alliances with many political groups so he can retain power after elections.]

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