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Editorial cartoon from the late 1960s? - December 3, 2006
A reader writes: We enjoy your site very much. It is an excellent way for foreigners living in Bangkok (such as myself) to learn more about Thai popular culture, currents events, and history. I particularly enjoy the political cartoons and explanations you post on your site. I wonder if you are familiar with a cartoon drawn in the late sixties by Prayoon Chanyavongs that involves a Thai soldier trying to persuade a Thai Prime Minister (most likely Thanom) not to tear down Victory Monument. I have been trying to find it for several months, but unsuccessfully.
Do any 2B readers know where to find this?

Pradit Tiemsanguan? - September 11, 2006
Ryan Tiemsanguan writes: Please help me locate my father, Pradit Tiemsanguan, last known address 526/D Wachprakarn Rd., Soi Srin Korm, Mueng Chon Buri. His date of birth is 01/04/1947, Deported from U.S. in 1995, he may be back in U.S., maybe Chicago. Please advise at [email protected]. Please help me find him.

Looking for Ronald Alfred Morris - September 24, 2005
Bob (Robert) Morris is looking for his father, Ronald Alfred Morris. Ronald came to Thailand in 1964 to work at Avro Aircraft. He eventually married a Thai lady and had at least 6 children. The family lost contact with him in 1979. He was from Conventry, UK and would be about 83 years old today if still living. If anyone has any information on Ronald Alfred Morris, please let us know.

Do you know Roger Harpel? - December 11, 2004
Tom Harpel asks: 16 years ago, my father left Washington state for Thailand. For the first year, he sent letters back home but eventually stopped communicating.
I wonder if in your travels you have met him? His name is Roger Harpel. He lived in Washington state and ran a software company called Cosmos until 1989. It may be a long shot but the world can be surprisingly small. I look forward to your reply.


Construction at the Grand Palace - January 5, 2005
There seems to be major construction of new structures at the back of the Audience Hall at the Grand Palace (above). Anyone know what this is?

Pygmy elephants in Thailand? - December 2, 2004
Has anyone heard about pygmy elephants in the south?
On this page about Thai elephants: All other members of the proboscidea animal order are now extinct. Historically there were some 300 different species that belonged to this category. These included mastodons, mammoths and pygmy elephants believed to have died out in Southern Thailand in the early 1920's...

Satellite tracking project to help conserve Malaysia's pygmy elephants - AFP, July 4, 2005
...The pygmy elephant has an appealing rounded appearance, and is thought to stand about 2.4 metres (8 feet) tall, as much as 60 centimetres (two feet) shorter than elephants found elsewhere in Asia.
Their faces are smaller and squarer, their tails are longer, reaching almost to the ground, and their tusks are straighter...
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