2B newsfeed: Tsunami in Thailand – December 30, 2004

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December 30

9:10am, December 30 - Two more sites (here and here) collecting video of the event.

8:35am, December 30
- Reports from the smaller islands?
A reader asks if there are reports of damage or casualties at Ko Similan and Ko Surin. Does anyone know? Also: Yesterday we asked: Anyone heard news of the Muslim f
ishing village at Ko Panyi? It was mainly restaurants on stilts and small buildings and a mosque on a sandbar in the Phangnga area.

2:04am, December 30 - On the Thueung Look Thueng Kon program on Channel 9, Pipat Sritieng (right) showed a video he took at Ao Nang on Phi Phi Island that captured the progress of the first tsunami. This is probably the best example we have seen of the cycle of a tsunami event: the initial drawing of the water out and then its quick return.

Tourists having breakfast near the beach.

Suddenly, water is sucked out of the bay. The raging rapids as the water is sucked away can clearly be seen.

Boats are left sitting on land. Exposed coral and rock is in the background.

There is no water near the pier.

From another pier, the suction from the water is so strong that the pier itself is being bent.

A tourist runs on to the pier to get a closer look. This person is later knocked off the pier as it collapses and is carried away by the water.

The pier is swept away. Then the cameraman turns and runs inland as the water sweeps back.

When the camera is righted again after about 12 seconds, the cameraman is being pushed against the first floor roof of a building. This is across the street from the building in the first photo of this series. The cameraman finally climbs onto a roof.
1:49am, December 30 - Articles from The Nation
THAI TALK: Horrendous failure of our national warning system
STREET WISE: Inadequate and insensitive TV
The Nation is finally mentioning this issue. It has been on the forums, in the Thai-language papers, and on this site for several days.
...On the scene in Phuket, the anchor and his cameraman showed a complete lack of sensitivity by pointing out dead bodies. When encountering teenage looters, the reporter simply mentioned that looting was normal...
AN EMBATTLED NATION: bids farewell to 2004
This was a year of one crisis after another for Thailand

1:23am, December 30 - From news at midnight on Channel 9

Thais crowd hospitals to give blood.

Foreigners make pleas to find their loved ones.

12:42am, December 30 - We just belatedly posted a photo of the Bangkok Post's front page from December 28 showing the devastated interior of Phi Phi Island.

12:30am, December 30
- What's in the newspapers
Left: Khaosod's December 30 edition's front page: (clockwise from top left): More about deceased royal Khun Bhumi Jensen, photos of tourists already sunbathing again on one of the ruined beaches (several dailies ran photos like this today and yesterday), a photo of the miracle, "give-me-milk" boy, lucky lottery numbers, and a mass morgue photo.

12:30am, December 30 - David Gilbert points out a page with links to videos and photos of the tsunami.

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