2B newsfeed: Tsunami in Thailand – December 29, 2004

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December 29
11:48pm, December 29 - What's in the newspapers
Right: The December 29 edition of Manager Daily has a photo of the Thai flag at half staff at Government House and a wide shot of corpses on the front pages. Its other two sections have stories about people sending supplies (left) and the relief effort (right).
It seems the popular dailies such as Matichon and ThaiRath quickly sold out their December 28 and December 29 editions.

11:37pm, December 29 - BTW: Tonight, 2Bangkok.com Editor Ron Morris was interviewed by newspapers in the US and Brazil.

11:33pm, December 29
- Myanmar and Bangladesh
David Gilbert points out: There was a note on Command Post that read:
"UNESCO's International Coordination Group for the Pacific Tsunami Warning System (ICG/ITSU) has an animated graphic showing that the wave was focussed east-west, missing the tens of millions of very vulnerable people to the north. It could have been literally hundreds of times worse, with tens of millions dead. This may be why Myanmar and Bangladesh did not have a disaster as great as did the rest of SE Asia."

11:04pm, December 29 - Anyone heard news of the Muslim fishing village at Ko Panyi? It was mainly restaurants on stilts and small buildings and a mosque on a sandbar in the Phangnga area.

10:50pm, December 29
- Translations from Thai-language newspapers: ThaiRath

* Thairath donates 10 million baht to for the victims in the south. Channel 7 also donates 10 million baht. Meanwhile Khun Ploypailin, the elder sister of Khun Poom [who was killed in the disaster], donates 410 cc. of blood at Siriraj Hospital for the Tsunami victims in the south.

* Around 1000 dead bodies could not salvaged in Phangnga. The bodies are getting rotten and there are not enough coffins.

* The Election Commission of Thailand gives the green light for the politicians to distribute belongings or support money to give relief to the victims in the six provinces in the south
[normally politicians could not give out gifts in the lead up to an election].

10:43pm, December 29 - Translations from Thai-language newspapers: Matichon

* On December 28 an officer searching for survivors heard a voice cry 'give me milk' and the found ' a 3-year-old boy named Warun Paopas struck in the mangrove forest for 3 days. He survives by a miracle. The boy was taken to Takuapa Hospital. [Interestingly, The Nation transliterates the boy's name as Wathanyu Pa-opat and says he was asking for a soft drink.]

* Pratep Somdej Prateprattanarajchasuda Siamboromrajchakumari
[HM The King’s daughter, Princess Sirinthorn], the vice president of the Thai Red Cross, sent an email to embassies and hotel associations asking for blood group A, O and RH which is needed for foreign injured victims.

* On December 28, 500 foreigners from the disaster area that are now staying at the gym at Thammasat University Rangsit are delighted with the Thai people's sympathy. They confirmed they would visit Thailand again.

8:45pm, December 29 - Official death toll posted at 8:00pm - new list includes a 'missing' category
The previous three days there have been 5-6 updates of the death toll per day. Today there were only 3 updates, however, a tally of the missing has been added to the official list.


6:11pm, December 29
- Chilling emails asking about missing persons - CNN

6:07pm, December 29
- Useful contact numbers and websites for relief assistance - The Nation

4:45pm, December 29
- Hidden death toll in Myanmar?

Right: The Nation, December 29, 2004

4:44pm, December 29
- Various videos and photos of the waves and list of the worst natural disasters in history

4:41pm, December 29
- Another webboard set up to handle missing person questions

3:40pm, December 29 - The second item on this page quotes an interesting NYT article: ...Bob Calo, an associate professor at the graduate school of journalism at the University of California, Berkeley, said that there had been something of a reversal in the news-gathering process. "If you think back, news gatherers would get the story and then commission a photographer to go and get the pictures," he said. "Now we have flipped it around to where reporters are chasing the pictures, trying to create some context for what viewers are seeing."...

3:34pm, December 29 - Media to cancel entertainment programmes for three days - MCOT/TNA
[This statement again recalls the anger many expressed as TV stations ran regular programming instead of news bulletins on December 27 as the tragedy was unfolding.]
With the entire national plunged into mourning today, the government called on the media to refrain from broadcasting entertainment programmes for the next three days, and instead concentrate on news bulletins.
Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-Ngam said that all branches of the media had been asked to broadcast informative programmes and campaigns for donations to help victims of Sunday’s tsunami.

1:53pm, December 29 - Tsunami death toll at Thai beach resort may reach 3,000 - Kyodo

1:38pm, December 29 - Thieves plague Thai tsunami victims - Reuters

10:17am, December 29 - What's on Thai TV - Channel 3, celebrity interview
Right: Sarawut Martthong or 'Oun' (left), a movie star, and Nathan Oman (right), a singer with R.S. They survived the tsunami at Mokan Village next to Surin Island in Krabi province and are being interviewed upon their return to Bangkok.

10:15am, December 29 - Urgent Appeal from Indonesia: Help Needed for the People in Aceh
It is sad that the world is now suffering so greatly from the huge, unexpected earthquake and tidal waves. It is indeed about this that we are writing to you now.
We are seeking your help for a humanitarian mission that some of us in Singapore and Hong Kong are trying to organise to help the people in Aceh. We have heard that as many as 5000 people have died and many others injured.
As you know, Aceh is in a conflict situation and due to this, the Indonesian government has banned all international aid from entering Aceh. However, it is important that the international community shows its willingness to assist the people in Aceh and is able to persuade the Indonesian government to allow the aid through.
What is needed at the moment include the following:
1. Trained medical personnel to treat patients, dispense medical supplies and ascertain the post-disaster assistance needed
2. Emergency medical supplies, including antibiotics, pain-killers, bandages, dressing trays, surgical supplies, operating tents for triage, stretchers, intravenous drip and other medical necessities
3. Large numbers of body bags for corpses that are quickly decomposing in the tropical heat and which may cause the rapid spread of disease
4. Emergency food supplies
5. Drinking water
6. Equipment for emergency shelter
7. Emergency sanitation equipment
If you know of organisations and individuals anywhere, who are willing to provide some assistance, please liaise with the following:
Contact person: Ms Titi Suntoro
Organisation: Perserikatan Solidaritas Perempuan
Tel. +62-81-513243018 / +62-21-797-1849 / +62-21-797-1849
Fax. +62-21-7919-8275
Email: <[email protected]> or <[email protected]>

9:24am, December 29
- Places to seach for the missing

Manager Online's search engine for victims
Manager Online's upload photos of the missing persons (scroll down for the photos)
Place to post queries about specific missing persons
Another list of the injured and dead
Warning: Graphic photos of unidentified deceased in hospitals
List of patients in Phuket Hospitals
People posting "I'm OK" notices - there seems to be many Swedes posting here

9:18am, December 29 - DigitalGlobe has satellite photos of the tsunami hitting Sri Lanka.

8:19am, December 29
- More from the Bangkok Post
Phi Phi Island: Tales of tragedy from a destroyed paradise
Phi Phi Island in Nopparat Thara Island National Park, Krabi, was once a paradise, attracting tourists and divers from around the world...

New Year's Eve celebrations cancelled in show of respect
...Pravit Janyasittikul, vice-president of marketing at Central Pattana Plc, the operator of Central World Plaza, said the company had called off its Bangkok Countdown 2005 New Year event. Instead, it has launched a relief programme called the ``Biggest Wave of Your Generosity'', which is now accepting donations...

8:21am, December 29 - Phuket International Hospital: Missing children separated from their parents and list of patients

8:19am, December 29
- Tourist area land misuse 'can now end' - Illegal resorts swept away won't be rebuilt - Bangkok Post
...Many resorts obliterated by the powerful tidal waves had encroached upon protected areas in national parks, top environmental officials said.
" Our work could be made easier. Why not turn the crisis into an opportunity,'' said Natural Resources and Environmental Minister Suwit Khunkitti after a two-day visit of the devastation left by the tsunamis that hit the southern resort islands.
We wondered when this issue would come up. We know that the forest rangers for Phi Phi Island are not allowed to come to the island--powerful interests were developing every square meter. Now that much is washed away, we will see if they can really prevent rebuilding. Also: Some Phi Phi Island photos from about one year ago.

6:05am, December 29
- Donors queue to give blood, stop traffic - Bangkok Post, December 29, 2004
Several thousand people, Thais and foreigners, flocked to the Red Cross Society on Henri Dunant road yesterday to donate blood to injured tsunami victims...

3:05am, December 29
- FOREIGN CASUALTIES: Over 1,500 Swedes still missing - The Nation

1:26am, December 29
- Interesting thread on the forum: Picture of my brother?

1:08am, December 29 - Interesting thread on the forum: 24 Hr BTS Skytrain Service CANCELED!

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