Earthquake felt in the South 2005

Posted at 11:28pm, March 28, 2005 - Channel 9 news anchor Sorrayuth Sutadsanajinda is reporting that a strong earthquake was felt in "Hat Yai and Phuket" at 11:00pm. People in Hat Yai are SMSing him the info...

Posted at 11:29pm, March 28, 2005 - Magnitude 8.2 - NORTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA 2005 March 28 16:09:37 UTC

Posted at 11:39pm, March 28, 2005
- Asiper reports: SMS and phone call from Thueng Look Thuengkon, the popular programme on Channel 9, hosted by Sorrayuth Sutadsanajinda - "23.25 earthquake in Phuket, Hadyai, and now in Sikao, Trang province. I saw from SMS, some said it also was felt in Bangkok in the tallest buildings."

Posted at 11:57pm, March 28, 2005
- Asiper reports what is being said on Thai-language TV: Mr. Smit Thammasarot has just warned six provinces in the south about the earthquake and tsunami saying that if they see the water level drop they must leave the coast areas.

Posted at 00:20am, March 29, 2005
- Asiper reports what is being said on Thai-language TV: Mariya Aiebakor, Thai woman report from Phuket, said that about 1000 people are standing in front of hotels in Phuket. The hotels shook and walls cracked. Mr. Samit said for Hat Yai and Songkhla people not to worry, but people on the west coast must be concerned. People should go to higher ground. Tsunamis may happen in 15-20 minutes, but will not be as big as the ones on December 26, 2004 waves.

Posted at 00:28am, March 29, 2005
- Asiper reports what is being said on Thai-language TV: The earthquake was also felt in Amphur Huazai, Nakornsrithammarat. At Pang Nga, the governor has just told people to move from the coast shortly after the quake.

Posted at 00:50am, March 29, 2005 - Asiper reports what is being said on Thai-language TV: In Bangkok, people in the Grammy building also felt the earthquake, so the officers moves to the downstairs area. At Patong Beach in Phuket people are in confusion. All are using telephones to tell others so the network is busy. Lots of tourists and people in Pang Nga are moving making traffic jams. Foreigners are not as excited as the last time because they have a warning this time.

Posted at 01:19am, March 29, 2005 - Asiper reports what is being said on Thai-language TV: People in Hadyai are in confusion after the earthquake. Malaysian tourists and people who stay in the hotels have moved out. Some checked out of the hotels to stay in a bus because they feel safer. The police warn that it is better not to go back to stay in the hotels.

Posted at 01:19am, March 29, 2005: It is becoming unintentionally funny--CNN International is relentless interrogating everyone they interview wanting to know if there was 'panic when the quake struck.' That seems to be their main concern. CNN clearly has a paucity of reporters monitoring local-language sources or they would have plenty of details to report. With their generic and detached coverage of southeast Asian countries, CNN International usually does not have anything specific to talk about when they report on events in the region.

Posted at 01:37am, March 29, 2005: CNN International anchor Tumi Makgabo is now asking Richard Roth reporting at the United Nations in New York if he has heard if there was panic from the quake... By now the quake news is in all the major media, so will leave it to them to continue to report it.

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For comparison, the stats of the December 26 quake.

Earlier: 2B newsfeed (December 26, 2004-January 3. 2005): Indonesian quake and tsunamis in Thailand

A tale of two newspapers: Tsunami warning - March 30, 2005
[Most news sources presented all the main aspects of the tsunami warning aftermath story--the PM likes it, some officials note flaws, the warning system either works or will soon work. However, the difference is in what was emphasized...]
PM: Wave alert works - Bangkok Post, March 30, 2005
Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra yesterday expressed his satisfaction with the tsunami alerts issued on Monday night after a powerful undersea quake struck off Indonesia's Sumatra island...
Scare reveals evacuation plan flaws - The Nation, March 30, 2005
[The Nation split the PM's response out into a separate article.]
Monday night’s tsunami scare in southern Thailand revealed flaws in local authorities’ evacuation plans, senior officials warned.
"Many people were left stranded on beach roads because of confusing traffic directions. They could well have died if a tsunami really had hit the shoreline," Phuket Governor Udomsak Aswarangkul said yesterday...

Thailand's tsunami warning system to be established in one week - TNA, March 29, 2005
Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra said here on Tuesday that Thailand's tsunami warning system would be established within one week...
And a quick reassurance from TNA:
Thai tourism unaffected by Indonesian quake - TNA, March 29, 2005
The earthquake in Indonesia on Monday evening has not affected any of Thailand's tourist spots, including those in the southern Andaman region, according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)...

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